This game was developed with an educational purpose and was an experiment in how and what to use gravity in a game for. I developed several endless faller game prototypes in Unity and ended up with this – an endless faller mobile game, where you control an antibody to fight the HIV virions in the host body.

The idea was that with an educational game like this, people could learn a bit about HIV and with each game you play (and each ad you see), you would actually make a difference in real life for real patients with real treatment. Fighting the HIV virus one game at a time.

I designed the gameplay, UI/UX, logotype and assets.

Home, manual and HIV info
In-game screenshots
Start screen and intro message
Neutralise the HIV virions with the right antibody. Change between green and blue antibodies by tapping the coloured dot in the bottom of the screen.

Control the antibody by swiping to the right or the left to move it in the right direction.

The antibody dies by hitting the wrong colour of virion.
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