Miniature House
SketchUp build:
Construction process:
I worked as a prop designer on an animation project about a girl and her imaginary friend Okidoki. Together with a team of skilled prop designers, I followed the guidelines of the production designer Louis Kønig-Wheatley to create the miniature set of a Danish beach.
Design of the beach changing houses and other props:
I worked on these beach changing houses from 3D model to basic construction as seen above.
The buoys were sculpted from fimo clay.
The trash can is sculpted from fimo clay. I also worked on the patination of the ice cream shop seen in the above picture.
Final set design:
Bachelor Project: Palle Alene i Verden
Palle Alene i Verden (Palle Alone in the World) was my Bachelor project back in 2013. The production design concept is based on the book Palle Alene i Verden by Jens Sigsgaard.

I designed the production design including character designs, main character doll, test animation, poster, concept art and storyboard.
Character designs:
Stop motion and doll design:
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