The following are serious tabletop games that I have worked on at the Danish serious game company Gametools. All photo rights belong to Gametools and Lone Warberg.
Mosaic was co-developed with client On The Agenda who provided most of the written content. The game was developed to help leaders address and deal with gender roles and work towards a diversity friendly work environment.

Together with the Gametools team, I worked on the game mechanics, learning goals, play testing, iteration and writing of the game manual.

Papirakademiet / Paper Academy
Papirakademiet was developed for client Fonden for Entreprenørskab. The game was developed as a role-playing game to let pupils become entrepreneurs and innovators for 1,5 hours of their school day. I entered the project in the middle of the development and helped facilitate play tests, worked on iterations of the game and writing of the game manual.
Demokratiet Lokal / Democracy Local
The local version of Demokratiet was produced to make pupils aware of some of the tasks and cases local politicians deal with. The game is an adaption of the existing game Demokratiet and I helped write the new content and edit the game manual.
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